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Couples & Singles Workshops

"Getting the Love You Want" Couples Workshop

This workshop, held in over 30 countries around the world now, has helped transform so many relationships. Most couples do not know what to do when the blush of romantic love wears off and they find themselves in a painful power struggle and wondering what has happened and what to do about it. 

The gift of this workshop is not only that it answers the questions you may have but more importantly gives you the skills and tools to restore the love, store the commitment and create the relationship of your dreams. These same skills are essential in my own personal relationships and are the roadmap I use for growing, staying connected and directing my own footsteps when the waters get rough. Please join us. You will look at relationships in an entirely new and exciting way after this transformational weekend.

Getting The Love You Want Workshops:
$ 750 per couple

This workshop is for you if ...

  • Your relationship needs to restore its warmth and aliveness
  • You are beginning a new relationship and want to boost all it's positive potential now
  • You need a new, fresh and positive approach to your communication, your conflicts
  • You are trying to decide if this marriage or relationship can & should be saved

How you'll benefit ...

  • Reconnect you as a couple or deepen your connection
  • Increase your safety and passion
  • Empower you both with effective skill and tools
  • Create a vision for moving your relationship forward
  • Help you restore and claim empathy for your partner and yourself
  • Transform your understanding of attraction and conflict

"Keeping the Love You Find" Singles Workshop

In this lively and informative 2 day workshop you will be working in small groups, doing personal work and engaging in large group activities .

Based on the internationally acclaimed 'Keeping the Love You Find' by Harville Hendrix PhD

International Workshops:
For more information about the international dates,
please call 202-744-1160.

Keeping the Love You Find Workshops:
$ 390 per person

This workshop is for you if ...

  • You are ready to find a love to keep
  • You want to enhance your current understanding of love relationships
  • You are single and disheartened about meeting the 'right person'
  • You are divorced and struggling to discover 'what went wrong' and ''what can I learn from my experience'
  • You are ready to uncover patterns that are not working for you and replacing them with successful skills for connecting and finding a love to keep!
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