...even the smallest steps bring amazing ripple effects for our families, communities and our world.


Rebecca Sears, M.Div, LPC - Clinical Instructor, PsychotherapistI’m delighted that you are interested and ready to take the next steps in deepening your professional and clinical work. Deeply rooted in the healing and growth potential of Imago Relationship Therapy, I am passionate about empowering clinicians like you from around the world in the fine art of becoming a skilled and competent couple’s therapist, as well as training professionals and couples in using relationship skills to transform their personal and vocational lives.

While training and presenting here in my hometown of Washington DC, I am also taking this relationship model globally. Currently I train in Russia, Estonia and South Africa. As you will discover, relationship work is peace-making work. While intimate relationships long for new levels of consciousness and commitment even the smallest steps bring amazing ripple effects for our families, communities and our world.

If you are ready to bring a new level of competence, effectiveness and energy to your professional life by training in Imago Relationship Therapy and becoming a Certified Imago Therapist, an Imago Educator or receive Advanced Training In Imago Relationship Therapy, there are rich opportunities ahead for you professionally as well as a chance to bring a deeper leveling of meaning to your own personal relationships.

Rebecca Sears M.Div LPC
Faculty, Imago Relationships International
Clinical Instructor
Imago Relationship Therapy
'Getting the Love You Want' couples workshop presenter


2009 Top Rated Marriage Therapist by Washingtonian Magazine - Rebecca Sears, M.Div, LPC - Clinical Instructor, Psychotherapist 

Top Rated Marriage Therapist, 2009, 2012    

by Washingtonian Magazine

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Imago Clinical Training 

Washington, DC

  I:  Sept   30- Oct 3, 2015
 II:  Jan      7-10 ,2016
III:  April    7-10, 2016

Orlando, FL

  I:  Sept    17-20, 2015
 II:  Dec       3-6, 2015
III:  March   17-20, 2016


Workshop Presenters Training

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Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop
Silver Spring, MD

March 21-22, 2015
Nov 21-22, 2015

He who desires to see the living God face-to-face should not seek him in the empty firmament of his mind, but in human love.~Fyodor Dostoevsky